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What I am Reading
  • Infinite Jest
    Infinite Jest
    by David Foster Wallace
  • Home Safe: A Novel
    Home Safe: A Novel
    by Elizabeth Berg
  • The Religious Case Against Belief
    The Religious Case Against Belief
    by James P. Carse


Live Oak, emphasis on the Live,

hundreds of years older than me,

bolder than me, demystifying history

through skin and bark.  So, what am I

at 70?--an eager pup, wired

to write.  So, what are you, old stoic?

gorilla of silence--grandeur

noblisse'd to guard the silence.

Ghosted in moss, you are perennial

Christmas, garlanded in gauze

by airy, deep-breathing conquistadors

who came to take, and stayed to give

their gray-on-gray, until eyes

surprised by bright green vines,

find, like me, homing space

in a provident place. How I love

this coast, this barrier island,

this weathered retreat

of the millionaire's boast!  Yet, oaks,

unimpressed, stretch beyond

miniscule balconies, where sitting,

I have a life to seize, a day


                 for Ginny